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Midweek Music IX: Three Versions…

…of Vivaldi!

Continuing with last week’s trend of the Gloria song, I will share yet another Gloria song.

These are three videos of Vivaldi’s Gloria played by a few different orchestras and choirs. It’s interesting to note the different tempos each orchestra uses.

Madrid Concert directed by Antonio Fauró
I like the huge choir, the peppy orchestra….and the funny reminder of our generation at the end of the video (min. 2:28-2:31). Let me know if you noticed it 😉

National Chamber Orchestra of Armenia
It’s the Gloria song on the speed lane. You will notice the choir and orchestra is conducted by a grizzly-bear of a director. He reminds one more of a butcher than an orchestra conductor, but he has class and style in movement. With a flick of his wrist he commands the music to produce an energetic strain. P.S. the Gloria melody is at the beginning of the video, the other part of the video contains the rest of the concert which I didn’t watch. 

La Pieta, Venice
A historical rendition of Vivaldi’s Gloria as it would have been sung during his lifetime in Venice, Italy. The video is nearly 30 minutes long, but quite lovely to listen to the melody combined with the architecture, instruments, and costumes of that time period.  

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