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On a regular, if not daily basis, we all sort through an enormous amount of information, websites, blogs, and things out there and decide which to read, which to skip over, which to glance through.

But in the end, we have to keep that which is eternal….that which remains, the Word of God.  So I’d like to take the chance to recommend to you a few good resources that you might like to access yourself. Some have to do with God’s Word, like the first website I’m going to present, while others are just neat things you might enjoy here and there in your summer vacation when you have some time to spare.


I’m really excited about this website called Memverse. It’s a great tool that helps you keep up that diligence you need when memorizing Bible verses! I know it can be challenging sometimes to memorize verses from the Bible, but no need to fret because this great website will do a LOT for you! It even sends you reminders through email when you are due to practice your verses. You get to quiz yourself, and it shows you the level of accuracy you got in trying to recall the verse. So don’t hesitate to sign up. Click on the image to explore the website a bit. Oh, and did I tell you it’s free?

Just watch this short tutorial on how to use the website, and you’ll find you can get the hang of it in no time!

Institute for Creation Research 

Here’s another great website to access! And I’m really, wholeheartedly recommending this to you, to use either for adding to your knowledge base so that you may enrich your arguments whenever you have to talk about Creation vs. Evolution…but this website is also great to give to non-believers so they can see the videos themselves. So here’s what it’s about: The Institute for Creation Research or aka ICR, has recently launched a show page where they have like 5 minute videos with different facts about God’s creation. A new video is added every few months (if I’ve got the timeline right). They are really neat, professional and interesting to watch!
Just watch this short and great video for example:

Also, go explore the other videos they have up there, by clicking on this image below, and make sure you bookmark it to check back when they add new videos! You can even subscribe to their monthly magazine for free where they have great articles discussing theological-creationism vs. evolutionist-atheist issues.

Jas-Townsend & Son

One day, my family and I were looking on youtube for how to make an outside pizza oven. And we stumbled upon this great company Jas-Townsend & Son that basically takes you back in history to the 18th century colonial times and shows you almost every aspect of their life- especially cooking! We all enjoyed watching their videos – even the littlest ones. They are so informative and professional and just plain fun! My littlest sister really enjoys this cute video of making gingerbread cookies, demonstrated by the daughter of the man who probably owns the company:

Check out their youtube home-page for more videos, and their website.

So, I hope you’ll enjoy using those neat websites. I would love to know how you liked them, which videos you liked, or if you signed up for Memverse! Comments are practically as exciting as getting letters in the mailbox!

Note: none of these companies or ministries asked me to recommend or endorse them, but I just really liked them so I thought I would share.

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  1. Hey Becky!!! I watched the “That’s a Fact!” chances video, and I found it really interesting. It’s a very inspirational and thought-provoking video… really good for non-believers. Thanks for sharing! Btw, have a great summer!

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