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My thoughts in little letters

Dear Independence Day:

I can’t wait to celebrate! You’re my favorite day in July and one of the best day of summer.
I love my country, I love showing my patriotism
and remembering the beginnings of the best nation on Earth!

Dear Summer:

I’m glad you’re here. You’re welcome to overstay your visit actually.
There are so many reasons why I like you:
longer days, fun outside activities, ice cream, more time to read new books…just to name a few.

Dear Fifa World Cup:

I’m not that much into soccer, but this time we kept up with who’s playing against who
(thanks to Google).
There’s something odd going on this year.
Lots of unlikely European countries are scoring wins,
and a lot of the soccer crazy Latin or South American countries are getting beat.
What’s going on? Did anyone else notice this?
But I’m proud of my USA for winning against Ghana! Woot! May you soundly beat Germany next!
(Sorry, I had to say that).

Dear publishing houses:

I would like a steady, free supply of my favorite books to write reviews on.
As a poor college student I can’t afford to buy all my favorite books,
so this is a great alternative to continue expanding my library.
I promise I do a good and enthusiastic job reviewing books I love. I’m a good investment. 😉

Dear ICR:

 I just got July’s edition of Acts & Facts in the mail!
When will ya’ll make some bumper stickers with the “Your Origins Matter” logo?
I want one for my car.

Dear blog friends:

Thanks for regularly visiting! You’re great.
I wish I could gather you up from all the corners of the world
and have a tea party  coffee & dessert party with you and chat away.

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