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Discovering Interesting Art Forms

Come with me and let’s explore a collection of different artisan occupations! It’s fascinating and beautiful to watch people use their God-given talents to produce art, express their ideas, and create useful things.

Below are a few of my favorite crafty activities that I would like to try my hand at one day. No, I’m not in search for acquiring new hobbies- I’m sticking to the ones I know I can do really well 😉 . But the art forms I’m exploring in this blog post are so interesting that- well, I couldn’t help but share them with you dear readers, and see what you think of them too.

I posted a short demonstration video for each, and my comments, to get you all interested in these (rather) rare art forms.

Maybe you’ve seen videos like these before or already knew about these types of crafts…or maybe you’re learning something new right now! Nevertheless, it never hurts to explore further. Take a peek and tell me which art form you liked best!

What would you like to try out?

Which craft was totally new to you?

Have you ever done anything like this before? Tell me more!

Sugar Candy Art

So lovely and delicate! A dear friend sent me a similar video of sugar candy to watch, and it immediately reminded me of the snow candy in the Little House on the Prairie books!  I bet it takes quite a lot of experience, but…I’d definitely give it a try.

Candle Carving

Candles…aaah. They make everything so cozy. But this is THE ultimate candle! The designs are extraordinary! It looks like candy- I  almost want to eat it. And I think it’s a delightful experience to carve into that semi-soft wax and see layers of colors beneath!

Letterpress and Printing

I discovered letterpress and printing after taking a design class. It reminds me of the colonial times, and although it can be a complicated process, I’d like to try out a historical art/trade. The letterpress machine makes cards and fliers that have designs and words impressed into the paper, and you can feel the shape of it. Printing is a little different, but a printing machine I think is just as interesting. Setting type is probably so time consuming…but in the end it’s worth it! Wouldn’t it be neat to print out your own “newspaper” or a poster?

File:Metal movable type.jpg

Basket Weaving

Baskets of all kinds are so charming. They are also very useful. I think basket weaving can be really fun. The first video demonstrates some basket weaving that was usually done in colonial Canada. The second is just a quick example of expert basket weavers (complete with lively fiddle music in the background!) Watch their swift hands!

Sand Drawing 

For all the artists out there, sand drawing can be another way to show your artistic abilities! This girl is really talented and it’s fun to watch her change her drawing from one scene to another with just a wipe of the hand. Yes, I agree it would take a lot of practice to make drawings like hers….but ah, I can daydream of being able to sand draw like that, can’t I?


If anyone would come up to me, give me a block of wood and some carving tools and say “what would you like to carve?” I’d say “a horse.” Carved and whittled figurines are so beautiful. I really like the smooth feel of carved objects, or the rough edges of little whittled toys and such. These two videos are rather long, but just take a quick peek if you’d like. This is probably one of the hardest things to try out and takes a lot of learning. Would you ever try out carving?

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