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Instead of New Years Resolutions


I cannot believe how quickly 2016 has passed by! For me it has been a very busy year, but also a very fruitful year by God’s grace.

I have experienced many answered prayers and I was humbled and thrilled to see how the Lord would answer specific desires that I prayed. Last year instead of doing a New Year’s Resolutions list, I did something different which I’ll repeat this year too.

Prayer and Goals List for the New Year 

I felt that the most efficient and sure way to see change in my life, to see goals accomplished and dreams granted was through making a prayer/goals/dreams list for the upcoming year. I titled it “Prayer List for 2016”. I added on that list things that were high on my priority list, all the way to smaller things. For example, I put my request to graduate with honors, to pass my final exam in the first try- and both of those were answered. Also smaller things in some people’s eyes (but that meant a lot to me) like getting a pair of roller blades- and that was answered too! I put ministry goals in there as well, such as my apologetics ministry and writing books for little children.

Then I prayed on that list throughout the year.  As time passed, I saw how the Lord answered prayers and I saw my list being check-marked! He granted me my desires for the year! How good the Lord is! Of course, I am not saying that the Lord is there to do whatever you want Him to do- but He loves us so much and delights when we pour out our hearts to Him and entrust our dreams and goals for our life. It is a tangible way to experience God’s love when you see Him answer specific prayers!

So I urge you to make a goals/dreams list and pray on it for the upcoming year instead of making a New Year’s Resolution. Put stuff on there like traveling to The Ark Encounter, or other travel plans, ministry goals, family goals, school goals, and any other thing you have on your heart.

Thanksgiving List of the Previous Year

Along with my goals/prayer list, I made a thanksgiving list too. I recounted all the significant and beautiful events of the previous years and put them all on a long list. I added huge events like our roadtrip to Chicago, all the way to small things like getting compliments on a group project from my teacher, or winning a giveaway, or getting a molar fixed! It may sound ridiculous to some people to list such “insignificant” things, but in all those things I saw God’s hand, His goodness, and lovingkindess, so I wanted to remember them in gratefulness to see how He was with me in the big and little things in life.

What Will YOU be doing for the New Year?

3 thoughts on “Instead of New Years Resolutions

  1. GREAT IDEA!!!
    I’ve done New Year’s resolutions before, but they were always vague and wish-washy. I’ve also toyed with monthly “growth goals” where I focused on one aspect of my walk with God each month. That was a little more fruitful.
    I really like your emphasis on prayer for your goals list. I’ve been learning all 2016 that I can’t accomplish anything without God’s help. That’s what I like the best. I think I might give it a try.
    Thanks for sharing the idea!
    Merry Christmas and happy new year!

  2. Thank you so much for such an encouraging post! As I’ve been pondering goals for the new year, I’m excited to put your idea into practice – it’s my favorite of new year resolution ideas I’ve heard yet! I, too, like to remember the seemingly “little” things and it was encouraging to hear of someone else who feels the same way. We serve a great God and He certainly cares about EVERYTHING that’s on the hearts of His children!
    Thank you again, God bless you, and Happy New Year!


    1. Thank you Savannah! Your comment was so special to me, to see that my post inspired you! I agree, the little things sometimes make a big part of our lives- to me it really shows God’s love in every detail of my life, how deeply He cares!

      Have a wonderful New Year! I started following you on instagram 🙂

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