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How do you support your Christian worldview?

Are you looking for good rational arguments to bring when you defend your faith in the college classroom? 

Are you seeking for a solid way to defend your Christian worldview? 

This is a brief outline that you can refer to when needed. It is based on a Sunday sermon by Phil Johnson. 

“God doesn’t ask us to suspend our rational faculties to believe in Him… Our faith in God is a supernatural certainty, an understanding of spiritual realities, not wishful hope or thinking. If faith were merely a human decision, there would be no confidence at all because the human mind can be mistaken. – Phil Johnson. 

Rational Arguments for God’s Existence

1. The Cosmological argument: everything that exists must have a cause. The universe must have a cause to explain it’s existence, even the “Big Bang” must have a cause/beginning. This leads us to believe that the universe was created by someone with a purpose, and that someone is obviously, God. 

2. The Teleological argument: This argues from design to designer. Since the universe is orderly and makes sense, it must have been designed by an intelligent being, who is God. We have laws of nature that must have been put in place by a designer. 

3. The Ontological argument: It focuses on the nature of being. You cannot prove that God does not exist. Also, self-existence is a necessity of being God. A good question to ask an atheist is “Where did you get the idea of a perfect being, if you cannot prove no such thing exists?” The Bible teaches that the existence of God is a self-evident truth: “I Am that I Am” (Exodus 3:14) 

4. The moral argument: Every society has some sense of right and wrong. Moral laws do not make sense if there is no original lawgiver. The original lawgiver is the one who is God.  

5. The Ethnological argument: All known people and tribes have some religion and if religion is universal, then it must be that there is a true God. (Romans 1:19)


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