Home-Made Christmas Recap

Christmas isn’t over yet…especially since there are still a few days till 2015. Therefore, I still have time to stretch that Christmas charm and enjoy it through the last days of December, right? Who said Christmas is only on Dec 25th? I like celebrating all through the month of December, it’s a lot more exciting and meaningful that way. 🙂 At least that’s what I think.

As I mentioned before, we went caroling as a family like we do every year. It’s our favorite tradition.

This time we changed it up a bit, and instead of going in the same place like we did every year, we went in several different locations. We caroled for about 2 weeks for several days. Some of our spots included Starbucks, IN-N-OUT burger, Wal-Mart, a local health-food store, etc. Of course we asked for their permission before singing a song. It was a blessing for us to sing out the good news of Christ’s birth and watch people’s faces light up when they heard us. Many thanked us, wished us a Merry Christmas and others sang along.

Naturally, we also did a good amount of baking and cooking. The delicious scent of cinnamon rolls, and walnut sweet bread filled our home, while we listened to Christmas carols.

Our Christmas was really home-made. As I kept on putting up decorations around the house, my dad woke up one morning and exclaimed: “I just realized you went on a whole decorating spree around the house! There’s stuff everywhere!” I had been decorating for a few days until he finally realized that the house was decked for Christmas!

Want to see?

I’m going to comment on just a few of the images. I almost wanted to make this a wordless post, cause I didn’t feel like writing. What I really want is to hear from you readers. It’s really not that fun if there’s no feedback you know?


See that musical wreath with the little red bells and pearls?
I’ve been planning to do that for years and never got around to do it until this year.
It took me forever.
It didn’t quite turn out as perfectly as I wanted it to, but a red bow and some bells fixed most of the flaws.



These snowflakes were our “Christmas in July” crafts we did with a group of ladies.
They adorned the window so beautifully.
The picture doesn’t do them justice.

We gave the mailman a gift of a cinnamon roll & clementine.
We added the verse John 3:16 on his card and prayed for his salvation.


This was the first (and most likely last) time we made gingerbread houses.
They weren’t gingerbread houses per se. They were cocoa sugar cookie houses.
Goodness what chaos ensued!

But slowly, a little gingerbread village was built that looked quite charming in its own imperfect way.

These are some hand-made gifts I made for friends.
I got to use my pyrography pen again, and it was so fun!
I also enjoyed painting this Scandinavian style kitchen towel.

Nearly every year, we make our own wrapping/packaging from recycled brown paper bags,
painted paper, tissue paper and ribbon.
It’s so much more fun and inexpensive than the cliche store-bought wrapping paper.
Everyone gets really creative!

Oops! And it looks like some gingerbread houses have been blown up and put under seige by the military toys. 😉

Well, that’s all folks!

4 thoughts on “Home-Made Christmas Recap

  1. We didn’t decorate, as we’re on holiday, so Christmas was a bit different this year.
    I liked the tank entering the gingerbread house. We’ve made gingerbread houses in the past, but usually just knock them down ourselves. 🙂
    Loved seeing your beautiful decorations, Becky 🙂

    1. ha, ha, glad you liked the fun with the tank at the gingerbread houses! Our poor gingerbread houses fell down on their own, but then later we crushed them all to pieces and enjoyed them with some ice cream 😀

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