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Happy Independence Day!


Happy 4th of July America! Oh, I just can’t help it- I’ll load this post with all the patriotic stuff I can put in here. At least if it’s not possible put fireworks on my blog- I’ll put songs, poems, photos and so forth!


Turn on the music from the video above, as you read this poem below.
I met the girl who wrote this poem in Chicago.
It’s such a nice poem that I wish I had written it!

America, America
by Irina Murg

America, so sweet, so fine
So full of love, pure love divine,
America land of the free,
Oh, let me ne’er, no ne’er leave thee.

Old glory flutters in the breeze;
Old Faithful sprays the big pine trees,
How beautiful the land I love!
How beautiful the sky above!

Seems little wonder that they should,
Patriots fight for land so good;
Seems little wonder that they stand
For freedom in their sweet homeland.

Our soldiers died for a good cause
And did not stop to take a pause
They gave their blood, they gave their best,
And helped their nation pass the test.

The hope the colonists once knew,
The hope they gave to me and you,
Has now become our treasured prize
And brings the tears to our eyes.

Oh who, who would not die for thee?
I’m American and proud to be
God bless this land, like gold refined
May love for Him our hearts so find.

Oh let us never leave the path
For if we do, we’ll face God’s wrath
Oh let us never stray from God,
For if we do, we’ll face His rod.



God preserve, bless and protect America!
Land of the free, home of the brave, and land that I love!

1 thought on “Happy Independence Day!

  1. Beautiful!!! I had a wonderful 4th of July yesterday…how about you? Hehe, I had so much fun singing, eating, and eating some more! ( Plus the fireworks!!!)

    Love, Kimmy 🙂

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