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Fundamentals…(Part 8) Sanctification as a work of Grace

Sanctification as a work of Grace

God knows beforehand that our growth in holiness is progressive and often accompanied by defeat. Therefore, since we are part of His family, God the Father evaluates our progress by taking in consideration our heavenly position of perfectness in Christ. This is amazing grace! (Colossians 1:1-2).
We all know that the believers in Colossae had their problems, but God considered them saints in Christ, ready for growth in sanctification through grace.

Many people view grace as a type of tolerance toward sin, and the law is viewed as a solution for sin. Nothing is farther from the truth! The grace of God is the most unyielding to sin. (Romans 6:14). (Romans 5:21).

At the same time, when we fall into sin, God treats us as a Father treats His children, which we also are. If needed, He will discipline, but then He will also encourage us. (Hebrews 12:6,7). When I mention the fact that the children of God can fall into sin, I am not referring to gross sins which can result in the death of the Christian who sinned.


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