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Did You Know: Essiac Tea Benefits!

What is essiac tea?

This special tea was formulated by a nurse in Canada, back in 1922. Her name was Rene Cassie. The tea contains a blend of important herbs, some of which include:  

  •  Burdock root
  • Sheep Sorrel
  •  Indian Rubarb Root
  • Slippery Elm

This special tea is not sold in every store. You can learn more about it, and buy it from this company:  Essiac Canada .

What are the benefits?

Now coming to the good part. The tea is said to have cancer-curing properties besides other health benefits. My family and I personally know two cases of cancer which were healed by using Essiac tea. Nevertheless, God is the Healer…and He heals according to His will. Yet I believe the Lord provided herbs and natural remedies for us to use in different situations, and also allowed us to use prayer in behalf of the sick. So I think this tea is just one of those wonderful things God allowed us to put together from His creation.
Of course I realize that the tea does not work for everyone nor does it cure cancer in every situation, but it never hurts to try, as it also has other benefits such as:

   ~ strengthening the immune system
~ blood cleansing
~ supports/heals liver
~ detoxes the body

You can do more research about it if you’d like. Many skeptical medical professionals claim it has little or no effect. While others exaggerate it’s effect. Everything in moderation, and with wisdom given from the Lord. My family and I recommended this tea to several people. It doesn’t hurt to try- after all, it’s just tea!
Another version of Essiac Tea is FlorEssence which contains additional herbs. We have this tea at home, often using it just for detox. Here is a website where it is sold:


I hope you found this fact useful and interesting. 




4 thoughts on “Did You Know: Essiac Tea Benefits!

  1. The tea really works. My uncle had cancer. When the surgeons opened him up they said it had spread to most of his body so they closed the incision and said there was nothing they could do. They told my uncle to get his affairs in order. He started taking the tea faithfully. and he is cancer free after 5 years. He still takes the tea but smaller doses to make sure the cancer doesn’t return. You see, there ARE natural cures for diseases. The pharmaceutical industry just doesn’t want people to find out about any cures because if word got out it would cut into their profits from selling drugs.

    1. Karen,

      Thanks for this testimony about the tea! It’s important for people to hear about real life situations where it actually worked, for them to believe it. I also mentioned that we know of two people for whom it worked, and with your example that makes one more! And there are others online who say the same thing. It’s wonderful that your uncle was cured like that! I love sharing little bits of “hope” like this with people who need it.

  2. Hi Bethany!

    Thanks for taking my blog button! I’m happy to post your button too. I didn’t take the picture, I actually took it from microsoft clip art (if you look at the bottom at “sources” I added the link to make sure I’m not doing copyright infringement). I like the picture too! 🙂 Although I’m not a photographer, I enjoy beautiful pictures.

  3. I really like the top picture. Becky! Did you take it?

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