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A Great Team

Paul’s Ministry Team

Dear Journal,

My family and I recently read through the book of Acts chapter 20.  This chapter talks about Paul’s third missionary journey. The chapter continues after Paul left Ephesus. He was almost killed by a mob there which was gathered together by an evil man named Demetrius- a silversmith who made idols.
In chapter 20, Paul leaves Ephesus and goes to Macedonia. This is what caught our attention in the chapter: a ministry team. Verses 4-5 of this chapter tell us about the team members.

Generally, we tend to think that Paul traveled mostly on his own and did ministry on his own. But actually, the apostle had a whole team of fellow ministers with him. So my family and I decided to do a background check on these people 🙂 We found out some interesting facts about them.

Paul had a great team with him of faithful, godly people. They helped him in different ways.

Some went to prison with him. Others delivered Paul’s letters and messages to different churches.

Others, (like Luke) kept a kind of journal of their mission trips and wrote the book of Acts.

I’m sure they prayed with him, encouraged him, and evangelized together with him. Their team was one great team!

So my dear readers, I decided to make something special for you! Something about this team.

Click on the link below to open the PDF file…and make sure you zoom in by clicking the ( + ) sign. That’s the optimal way to read it.  It’s really worth your time… not because I made it- I just put together information from different sources.

Paul’s ministry team

Then leave a comment and let me know what you learned- or think!

In Christ,

4 thoughts on “A Great Team

  1. Wow! Thank you for your amazing summary on Acts chapter 20. My husband was telling the other day that the Bible, (though holy and living) is really a history book. I think it’s difficult for some of us to approach the Bible with the essence of gaining historical facts because we tend to depend on the Bible as a, “Fix My Life/Situation” type of tool. I love how you just brought the life of Paul to life and how in reality, he truly was a man, just like us, on a pursuit towards Jesus the Messiah. I saved your PDF file and am now following your blog! Hopping over from the Monday’s Musings link-up party 🙂

    1. Hi Claudia, I’m so pleased that you found the article useful! This is what makes the blog worthwhile. Thank you for your thoughtful comment and speaking out your thoughts. I agree, I love looking at the historical background of the Bible and finding out the context, it brings the Bible to life and even clarifies passages that seem difficult to understand.


      1. Hi Rebekah! Can I just come out and say that I find it a miracle that you enjoy studying the history of the Bible!? I don’t have many friends who enjoy talking about such topics as, the early church, Polycarp, the influences of Aristotle and Plato with the Biblw! Can we be friends forever!? Ha ha ha! I am not kidding! I am SO SO thankful I ran into your blog! There is hope yet to connect with like-minded believers who take the Bible as literal and not as something ethereal (if you know what I mean). Gah! I’m rambling; see you around! 🙂

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