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Anticipating the 4th

Beautiful stained glass window at church,
reminding us to rejoice and sing unto the Lord

Festive wreath adorning our front door, handmade by Abby,
with Anna and Sarah’s help.
I can already imagine fireworks and the star spangled banner. 

Patriotic hand-sewn skirt, made together with my mom.
Did I tell you I am excited about Independence Day?

It’s the first time I make my own clothes! It’s not impossible! Seriously, it was so easy, you gotta get yourself a sewing machine and do it for yourself! You don’t even need a pattern, just copy off of a skirt that you like, and then sew together a new one. It only took us two days to complete it.

5 thoughts on “Anticipating the 4th

    1. Thanks! Hope you had a nice 4th of July too! It would be fun for you to come over with a material you got from JoAnn’s fabrics and learn how to make your own skirt. My mom could show you how!

  1. that’s awesome, and especially being your first time sewing clothes! i’ve never sewed a thing… would love to learn! please come on over to mercyINK’s heart & home link party and share with the group… they’d love it! 🙂 happy 4th!

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