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4th of July Recap

I decided to do things a little differently this year on the blog for Independence Day.

Instead of having a pre-holiday post with happy wishes for the upcoming event, I’m just going to share a short snippet of how my family and I celebrated!

I love looking up patriotic quotes and songs as the day draws near, and this year I saw a quote which many Americans may be familiar with on a sign on the freeway. It really stuck to me, and I felt it was so true in our days:

Eternal vigilance is the price of liberty

Now back to our day. It was a lovely day with friends, fellowship, mouth-watering food, games, singing, sharing from the Scriptures and fireworks!

To balance out all the fun we had near the end of the day, the first part of the day was filled with preparation and chores. Car washing, cleaning, shopping, baking, making decorations…endless little details 🙂

4th of July fireworks


My sister made the best brownie cheesecake bites in red, white and blue. I complemented the dessert with little decorations I put up around the yard to make it look festive


4th of July decorations

We had burgers with generous trimmings of mushrooms, bacon and guacamole (amazing I know), with chips and coleslaw on the side, all made from scratch. For drinks we had natural lemonade, also made from scratch with honey and sparkling water.


4th of July

We sat outside under umbrellas and canopies with friends. Afterward we played a game with teams, and I’m proud to say my team won twice! Yeah!


4th of July dessert

This is the dessert table from a top view, though not quite complete, because we had ice cream too 😉


4th of July decorations

It was so cozy and beautiful to be outside in the warm weather even as it got dark, and we anticipated the fireworks. But first we went inside, sang some hymns, shared some things from the Bible and prayed together.



The fireworks were beautiful and we sang all the patriotic songs we knew as we stood there watching them! That’s how we spent our 4th of July.


To my American readers, how did you celebrate? To my other readers, wish you could share in the festivities once with us!  


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