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Summer Reading

Do you like reading during the summer? I know I do! And we sure visit the library more often in the summer than when we’re in school (me and my siblings of course). I haven’t been reading that much this summer though. I’ve been too busy with caring for the yard, weeding, watering flowers, and… Read More Summer Reading

My Writing Corner

May I Recommend…

On a regular, if not daily basis, we all sort through an enormous amount of information, websites, blogs, and things out there and decide which to read, which to skip over, which to glance through. But in the end, we have to keep that which is eternal….that which remains, the Word of God.  So I’d… Read More May I Recommend…


A Giveaway!

Hey all, if you want to participate in this giveaway and win a book about designing your own blog for free, click here: Growing Home blog. I did, and I really hope to win!

Health, Nutrition & Naturals

Summer & Herbs

credit   Sunscreen, the smell of steak on the grill, sunshine, ocean breezes, salty ocean waves, ice cream and strawberries, crickets chirping in the night…all of this reminds me of summer time! Praise the Lord for summer! Finals are done and over with, another semester has passed, and Lord willing I hope for a productive and… Read More Summer & Herbs