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Funny incident: Two days ago we had an unexpected visitor. A stray chicken from our neighbors came walking around our property! What a surprise and commotion it caused! My mom chased it and caught it before it could get on the road and get run over by a car. We didn’t know where to put it, because it would quickly run away. So we had to make up a temporary chicken coop, feed it and give it water. It got quite comfortable in our coop, although it tried evading at first. Finally we hopped in the car and drove around asking neighbors if they lost a chicken!  

Something delicious: I’ve regressed to childhood lately. But before you judge, let me tell you that it is quite healthy, low calorie and irresistibly delicious! For breakfast I’ve been having some delicious organic cocoa bunny cereal. I cannot stop eating them! 

Currently Reading: The Boys in The Boat: Nine Americans and Their Epic Quest for Gold at the 1936 Olympics. It’s an interesting and inspiring story. I almost wanted to take up rowing (on a rowing machine) as a great way to exercise! But then my dad pointed out that rowers get really bad spine problems and joints (shoulder, hip etc.) injuries, so I quickly changed my mind. I’ll stick to running, thank you very much. Have any of you read this book? 

Goals for this blog: On a napkin, sitting in the car one day, I prayed and scribbled some notes with my blog in mind. I had a flow of blog post ideas that I just kept writing down on that napkin. So now I have a whole list of exciting things to put up here, but I want to save them till I transfer this blog to a new domain. What are your feelings about this move, as readers? Does it sound exciting or not? 

Pondering on Scripture: I just finished the book of Exodus about 1 week ago. I am now in Leviticus. I was impressed by the artisans who built the tabernacle of meeting, because I am an artist myself. The chapters said how they did everything exactly as ordered and they did it to perfection. One of the chief artisan’s name was Bezalel. I looked up his name and it means “in the shadow (protection) of God”. How beautiful is that? I have pondered on that name often since then.  One time it even brought a lot of comfort to my heart when I had a bout of worry, and then the name came to mind and I was reminded how I am under the protection of God Almighty because I am His child. What have you been reading from Scripture that has been encouraging?

Hymn in my heart:  I’ve enjoyed singing this hymn lately “I Heard the voice of Jesus say“. Very expressive, rich and comforting hymn. What music has been inspiring you lately? 

If I could: I would head out and travel. I would go back to visit Colorado and nestle deep in the mountains for awhile and smell the alpine air. I want to see the Ark built by Ken Ham in Kentucky. Have any of you been to the Ark yet? 

This weekend: I am attending a neighbor’s annual fall bbq gathering on Saturday and look forward to my sister’s delicious marble cake. I’m also applying to a job and praying that God’s will be done. I am also tidying up the yard a bit, and it’s quite nice to see fall coming around although I do miss summer. What are you doing this weekend? 


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  1. Hello!
    I really enjoy blogs that share life snippets. I so glad you’ve shared some or yours! I especially liked your thoughts on Leviticus. I’m a writer and enjoy beautiful things. I always admire how God could have directed all the things of His temple to be purely functional and efficient, but He didn’t. He also designed it to be beautiful. Taking that extra time and energy for beauty was worth it to Him. I really appreciate seeing that little bit of God’s heart.

    Hope you had fun at that BBQ! (And enjoyed that marble cake) That sounds like a great time!
    God bless,

    1. Hello Christina, First off, thank you for stopping by! I really enjoyed what you shared in your comment, and I’m pleased to hear that you liked my post as well. I’m a writer too, and I’m artsy so yes, I totally agree- it’s beautiful to see how God is the Master artist, the one who does the ultimate design!

      I looked up your blog and I love the mission you have of providing organic grown produce! It’s so important to eat the proper food. And I love Iowa, it’s a beautiful place. I passed through for the first time last year and stopped at a distant relative’s house. It has gentle little hills, and it’s green and beautiful.

      Started following your blog!
      Becky 🙂

      1. Thanks Rebekah! I really enjoy Iowa too. I can’t imagine ever moving anywhere else (excepting if God has other plans!) I’m glad you had a chance to visit.
        I’m excited to explore your blog a little more. I read over your about me page too. When I learned how much you like artsy things and writing, I knew I had to comment. 🙂
        Hope you have a lovely day!

        1. I think you’re a kindred spirit! I am glad the Lord allowed our paths to cross over the internet. In fact, most of my dearest and likeminded friends who I pray for and they pray for me, I met online!
          We’ll definitely keep in touch!

          1. Haha! Same here! I have pen pals from all over and friends for years, but we started off meeting via blogs. I’ve very glad to have run across blog-paths with you, too! 😀

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