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Facing Darkness- A movie you should see

I wrote a blog post warning about a movie you should not watch. But now let me tell you about one you should see. It will be in theatres across the United States on March 30th, so it’s coming up soon! 

I cannot believe the ebola pandemic was so long ago in 2014! Now it’s part of history. But it feels like it was just last year…(I probably have a problem with keeping track of time, haha). What are your memories of that event?
I remember praying that God will prevent the pandemic from spreading and becoming a disaster. I remember doing my nursing clinicals and being aware that hospitals in the United States were on alert for any patients with signs of ebola, I remember reading posters in hospitals listing symptoms that should be reported, I remember praying it would not spread, I remember praying for Dr. Kent Brantly and the nurse in Texas who got infected with ebola, and worried that it was already at a stage of being uncontrolled, worrying we would hear they didn’t make it like so many others in Liberia.

But God (Ephesians 2:4). In His rich mercy, He intervened! I am so grateful for the wonderful ways He answers prayers. I’m sure many saints prayed for Dr. Brantly and the people affected in Liberia. 

The documentary film “Facing Darkness” is about this remarkable story of God’s work through the brave and faithful service of Dr. Brantly who chose to place his life and his trust in the Lord through one of the most trying times of his life. 

Make time to see this movie in theatres. It plays on March 30th, this Thursday! And remember to praise God for sparing us from a horrible pandemic and turning it into an opportunity to spread the Gospel through his servants like Dr. Brantly and Samaritan’s Purse. It could have been a secular doctor who went to Liberia to work and who survived- but God orchestrated events so that it was a Christian, Dr. Brantly who was there. God works in mysterious ways. All glory be to Him!

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