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Exposed! The Criminal Consequences of Darwin’s Theory of Evolution

Darwin’s theory is the root cause of racism, abortion, the holocaust and euthanasia. According to evolution, some humans are more ‘evolved’ than others so they have more privileges. Life on earth is a cause of ‘random’ chance. Life has no value, so who cares what happens to “lesser humans”, only the fittest deserve to live.
Here are the CONSEQUENCES of such thinking:
🔽Hitler based his idea of the Aryan race on Darwin’s theory. This led to the genocide of 6 million Jews which he claimed were an ‘inferior’ race.
🔽Darwin’s book “The Descent of Man” was a racist book; he wrote that some races are superior. So evolutionists hunted down & killed Australian Aboriginals to study the skulls of ‘lower’ humans.
🔽Margaret Sanger believed evolution. She promoted population control, especially for ‘inferior’ groups.
🔽If you’re a developing “useless” fetus/infant, then abortion is the answer. You’re considered a lower form of life. So 41.9 million babies were murdered worldwide in 2018. The #1 cause of death!
🔽If you’re sick or very old, euthanasia is the answer because you’re consuming resources of “fitter” people than you, so bye! 

We teach this as SCIENCE in schools?? It’s not science, it’s an ideology. Then why are people surprised at injustices, murder and racism if that’s how we raise the next generation to think? 
What is the solution?

True science confirms the Bible, not evolution (ex: human genome research shows we are not descended from apes).
Christianity has the answer. The Bible teaches the TRUTH about humanity & origins. We are created in the image of God. We’re all equal humans, equally sinful, in need of a Savior. 
Darwin’s theory never got promoted to a theorem or law. Scientific discoveries debunk evolution. Read the link below and browse the website to learn about Darwin’s racism, true science, and the origin of life!


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