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14 People in Your Community You Should Share the Christmas Message With



Christmas is the best time to share the Gospel message! People are in a cheery festive mood and more willing to receive anything. Here are some very practical ways you can spread the Christmas message in your own community! 



  • A quality Gospel tract. Our favorite is Ultimate Questions by John Blanchard. You can purchase it on Amazon. On this website you can find the content inside the tract, so you know what you’re buying. 
  • Add a label sticker on the back of the Gospel tract with the name of a good local church they can visit. On that sticker include resources like a link for “Creation Science for Students and Beyond” sending them to Institute for Creation Research
  • A treat/gift. Always give the Gospel tracts with a little treat like a candy cane, some cookies, a soda, a mandarine etc.
  • Pray for all the people you give to, that God would use this to touch their heart and change their lives! 

People that are neglected in ‘random acts of kindness’

When you spread the Christmas message you are somehow doing ‘random acts of kindness’ as some people like to call them. The people that get the most attention are the postman or firefighters, but there are several other people who work just as hard and are overlooked. I wanted to show where you can spread the Gospel this Christmas in your community! 

The Grocery Store Cashier 

Get your cashier a chocolate or a bag of mandarines, and include a Gospel tract. Tell them “Merry Christmas and thank you for your excellent work!” I tell you they will be so pleasantly surprised and touched. Make it even more special if it is a cashier/clerk you are familiar with! They will remember you for a long time.

Community College Police 

This is for all the college students out there. With all the hatred we’ve seen against police lately (here in America at least), this will be a great way to reach out to them and show your support. Get something store-bought and sealed so it doesn’t look suspicious to them, and add a Gospel tract and card. Go to their office and thank them for their service, tell them how much you appreciate that they keep your campus safe! 

Alternatively, if you feel led, bring some store-bought cookies to your local police department and thank them for their service. 

The Janitor 

If you are in a large corporation or work for a company, you can spread the Christmas cheer to the janitors. You can also do this for the janitors at church, at school- anywhere. Give them something home-made or store bought and a Gospel tract. They will be so surprised! If they speak another language, try to find a Gospel tract in their language. 

The Bank Teller

I think bank tellers usually get something special from customers during the holidays, but still- give them a little treat with a Gospel tract and thank them for their service! 

The Nurse

Nurses work super hard- I can tell you from experience. 12 hour shifts are no joke. They don’t often get the ‘random acts of kindness’ either. So find a nurse somewhere in your community- either at a hospital, nursing home or somewhere, and give them a treat and a Gospel tract. 

The Garbage Man

If you are ever home when the garbage man comes around, make sure you give them something special too! They do a hard job and probably never get anything special. Remember to include a Gospel tract! 

Roadworkers/Construction workers

If you have road workers or construction workers in your area, you may try to find a way to share a Christmas treat with them too- homemade treats are awesome for them! They will be giddy as little children I guarantee you. Get your dad, husband or man in your life to hand it to them or to accompany you so you will be safe and try not to step into the construction zone, but get their attention and call them over to where you are. Make sure you have plenty of Gospel tracts so they can share.  

Hotel Maids, Gas station service-person, Bus driver

If you’re traveling this Christmas, you may be staying at a hotel, or going in states where they have gas station service-people (and the cashier at the gas station). Make sure you spread the Christmas cheer by giving them a little treat and a Gospel tract! Or if you commute regularly to work with public transportation, you can give a treat+Gospel tract to the bus driver, taxi driver, etc. 

The pizza delivery person 

If you have a milkman that brings milk or a pizza delivery guy, remember to give them a Gospel tract and treat also! 

Families & single mothers in poor trailer-home neighborhoods

Seek out a poor neighborhood like a trailer home park or an apartment complex where you know honest but poor people live and bring them a basket of goodies with a Gospel tract, and maybe a gift card to a grocery store so they can do some shopping. And please- no canned foods. I don’t believe canned foods are really “our best”- give them (for maybe once in their life), some quality food.

Senior citizens

Go to a nursing home and do some Christmas caroling and hand out a treat with a Gospel tract to the elderly people. 

Additionally, organize a Christmas card event for the elderly in your church who may be lonely. Get their mailing addresses and share them with church members encouraging them to send a Christmas card to a lonely elderly person in your church. 

So basically look around you and have an open eye for regular people who need the gospel message! 

Who else would you recommend? I’m curious to hear! 

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