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T4G Conference- Think Before You Decide to Register


Can two walk together, except they be agreed? Amos 3:3

It’s a big conference coming in 2018 in Kentucky. And big names will be preaching there. Should your pastor/ husband / father / brother / elder attend? Should you attend? There are some things you may want to sift through before you decide to hit that register button on the website. 

It’s always uplifting and wonderful to attend conferences that are Christ centered, with expository preaching. And on top of that, fellowship with thousands of other believers from all over the world. It’s almost a taste of heaven. BUT….

There are issues at this conference which raise red flags. It starts with the panel of speakers at the conference. 

John Piper
For many years, Piper has promoted the sensual, rebellious and aggressive music of rap, calling it “holy hip hop” and a way to “redeem” the culture. He partnered with rapper Lecrae in this endeavor. Lecrae is a rapper who made racist statements that he is “divorcing white evangelicalism”. Hmm.
Scripture says we must spread the Gospel (Mark 16:15) and be separate from the world (2 Cor 6:17), not redeem the culture. Doctors do not make themselves sick so they can help heal patients, and neither should Christians become like the world to reach out to them.
Piper also promotes women preachers such as Beth Moore and Christine Caine, as well as false teachers like Mark Driscoll and Francis Chan, as well as ecumenist Rick Warren, among others. There are several other grave issues that Piper promotes, such as mystic prayer experience and salvation by works. source, source, source 

C.J. Mahaney
Has ignored the child abuse that leaders in his ministry have committed. Children as young as 3 years old were abused by pastors in his church and parents were told not to call the police. It is sickening to think that the abuser even wrote a book about his life and admitted his problem while involved in ministry, yet the leaders of the church, including CJ Mahaney allowed him to serve in children’s ministry for years.
CJ Mahaney is an accomplice to the child abuse that took place in his church. Don’t you think it is logical that he has disqualified himself to be a pastor?  This scandal has even been covered by Times magazine. But CJ Mahaney makes an appearance at this conference?? Isn’t this disturbing to anybody?
source, source, source 

Matt Chandler
Chandler promotes interfaith dialog with muslims, partnering with radical islamic groups. He is also a full blown charismatic, arguing for “binding and loosing spirits”  and a continuation of gifts such as speaking in tongues and signs and wonders. For many years, his church promotes dangerous contemplative prayer and mysticism of Dallas Willard and Richard Foster. He also promotes the erotic writer Ann Voskamp, and his church promotes a radical feminist who supports abortion. These are just a few of the things Chandler stands for. Do you think Chandler is Scriptural on these issues? Is this what a godly pastor promotes? source , 
source , source , source .

Mark Dever
His church and ministry initiated a loveless, cultic and abusive system of leadership and discipline (9Marks), where they control and repress their members, to the point where they end up excomunicating them for petty reasons. They require members to take an oath and repeat “the covenant” during the Lord’s Supper. Is this type of church leadership written about anywhere in Scripture?  

In addition, Mark Dever provided safehaven for C.J. Mahaney during/after the abuse scandal at his church, in this way becoming an accomplice to the situation. Does the Bible tell pastors to be rulers over the church? Scripture says if anyone desires to be a leader, he must be servant of all (Matt 20:26). Is it biblical to provide safehaven to a man who hid abuse scandals, instead of exposing and rebuking him?
source , source, source 

Al Mohler, MacArthur, Kevin DeYoung, Ligon Duncan etc. 

In spite of calls from victims, advocacy groups and evangelical alliances to ban C.J. Mahaney from preaching at the Together for the Gospel conference due to the abuse scandal, all of these pastors welcomed him and some even excused and praised him.
At the conference a few years back, Al Mohler brazenly said Mahaney “endured an incredible trial” and joked that he did a “Google search” on Mahaney and found out what sports teams he supports. Dever, Mohler and Duncan wrote to support Mahaney, while the rest of the pastors had no problem appearing at the conference with him.

In fact, ALL of these big evangelical pastors (MacArthur, Mohler etc. etc.) felt comfortable preaching alongside mystic rap-loving Piper, charismatic islamic promoting Chandler, child abuse accomplice Mahaney, and oppressive-and-accomplice-to-child-abuse Mark Dever. 

We live in perilous times. Don’t you think that these pastors have disqualified themselves from being leaders because they are accomplices and take no stand on these grave issues- or worse, condone them? 

So whoever knows the right thing to do and fails to do it, for him it is sin. James 4:17

Can two walk together, except they be agreed? Amos 3:3

“Your silence gives consent” ~Plato 

Now that you have all this information, you should seriously consider whether it’s a God honoring choice to register for this conference.
I have been praying for several of these pastors, and will continue to pray. 

6 thoughts on “T4G Conference- Think Before You Decide to Register

  1. Dear Rebekah,
    You may be right, but how is it that you don’t use direct sources, but somebody else’s interpretation of these people’s opinions, statements, or actions? I mean you use other blogs as your sources, not direct sources, and some of these blogs are written by haters of Biblical Christianity. How could they be then credible in their analysis? As Christians, we are called to use our own discernment and make sure that what we accuse other brothers is true and proven from direct sources, not from other people’s opinions.
    For example, did you know that the lawsuit against Mahaney was dismissed BEFORE the T4G board accepted him back as speaker? If there is a court decision saying that man is not guilty of covering up child abuse, what else does do we need as Christians to accept that brother back into fellowship? Is that brother condemned to live the rest of his life as an outcast? Or should he repent of something he did not do just to make people like you happy and satisfied? I am no fan of Mahaney, but please do your homework before accusing your brothers.
    Also, did you consider the moment in time when some of these people said, endorsed, or did some of the things you accuse them of, and did you check if they continued in those errors? It just dawns on me that you endorsed MacArthur’s books some time ago, and now you don’t seem to agree any longer with him. If your past endorsement of MacArthur cannot be used against you now (for common sense reasons), would you agree that a past error of any of these guys cannot be used against them, of course unless they persist in those errors?
    Your sister,

    1. So called “Helen”, or should I say “Miki”?
      I would reply to you in a kinder way if you were a sincere reader, but I know you from my dad’s blog where you disguise yourself under different pseudo-names and relentlessly troll. So that being the case, this is my reply. A majority of the blogs I referenced use direct sources about the CJ Mahaney scandal, they are credible apologetics blogs not haters of Biblical Christianity. You exaggerate and you lie to discredit credible sources. This is a sin and you do it intentionally.
      If Mahaney was truly guiltless why didn’t he come out and boldly admit that they had a HUGE problem with abuse in their church and they’re dealing with the issue??! Why did he keep silent if he was not guilty? Why did he allow a degraded abuser to be involved in children’s ministry for years?!? The court case was dismissed based on technicalities not because he was proven guiltless! And also, if he was not guilty why did he flee to Mark Dever’s church, and from there to Louisville, Kentucky? Don’t you dare accuse me of not doing my homework, I did- you didn’t.

      If you’ve been a reader of my blog for so long that you know I had some references to MacArthur in the past (which were taken off the blog), why is it that didn’t you comment and interact until now on posts throughout the years?? Yes- these errors can be used against ALL these pastors because they did NOT stand up and publicly speak against the issues. An issue doesn’t go away with time and forgetfulness. Don’t try to use diversion and say that because I had some MacArthur references on my blog you can dismiss this apologetics ministry for women here- I corrected my stance- they did not!

    1. You don’t see anything wrong with that? Where in Scripture does it say that women are authorized to preach? Pastrix women like Beth Moore and Christine Caine preach to men and rebel against 1 Cor 14:34, and 1 Tim 2:12. Not to mention the charismatic “holy fire” messages and host of other heretical teachings Moore & Cain deliver. So yeah, it’s wrong.


    You’ve made in a short exposition a precisely analysis to some of the main problems (errors) of NEO-Calvinism’s leaders.

    May God bless you with further insights!

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