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Can I hack into your mind? Technological Renaissance, bio-robots & upgrading your consciousness

My good friend and fellow apologetics blogger Pam Frost, has written on the topic of consciousness hacking. In a world where the robot “Sofia” is apparently “human” enough to be granted citizenship, it’s only a matter of time before they want to turn humans into robots.

We can ignore all these issues and go along our merry normal lives with our head buried in the sand, or we can perk up our ears and be informed about the trends of the day and learn how to tackle them using a Biblical arsenal. 

Please read the interesting article:
Meditation and the Art of Consciousness Hacking

“I recently stumbled across the term “consciousness hacking” on a website of that name. The term is an apt description of a shift in Western consciousness caused by the ubiquitous influence of Eastern meditation, now considered a scientific technology of consciousness. The Consciousness Hacking website is a hub for those who hope, through an interface of science and consciousness, to help humanity evolve toward an age of “individual and collective flourishing.” Employing a variety of scientific technologies and meditative techniques as their hacking tools, this growing community intends to essentially upgrade humanity’s “conscious operating system.”…Continue Reading Here.

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