A Collection of Horse Sketches

Like I mentioned here, I love drawing horses. When I was young, I was that type of little girl who if you would asked what her favorite animal is, she would promptly reply “a horse!”, and would dream of owning a horse, and riding a horse across rolling hills into the sunset, and whatever scrap of paper was on hand, the… Read More A Collection of Horse Sketches

For the Mind

Life Lately

I am currently… LISTENING to this lovely sacred music CD by R.C. Sproul. I got it at a good price of $8.00 at a church bookstore! You can find it available as MP3 download for the same price too- but I like the hard copy with the words better. I’ve played it in the car several times through. Yes… Read More Life Lately

Bible Journal

“Christmas Future”

I decided to do a Christmas in July  type of post. It is about Christmas Future. I know what you’re thinking- weird. Christmas is definitely not on our minds in the middle of summer. You see, it was the Sunday before Christmas last year, and my family and I visited Grace Community Church where Pastor John MacArthur ministers. The carols… Read More “Christmas Future”

God & Country

4th of July Recap

I decided to do things a little differently this year on the blog for Independence Day. Instead of having a pre-holiday post with happy wishes for the upcoming event, I’m just going to share a short snippet of how my family and I celebrated! I love looking up patriotic quotes and songs as the day draws near, and this year… Read More 4th of July Recap