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Do you read?

  For all the bookworms out there…Here are some quotes about the virtues and benefits of reading Read many good books but dwell in the Bible -Charles Spurgeon The things I want to know are in books; my best friend is the man who’ll get me a book I ain’t read -Abraham Lincoln Reading is… Read More Do you read?


8 Unique ideas for Mother’s Day

I had the pleasure of guest posting on my friend Amanda’s blog last week. Mother’s Day will be coming before you know it, and it’s good to be prepared. So hop over to Amanda’s blog to read some unique ideas for impressing your Mother this year! (Click Here to read the post!) *image source

For the Soul

Midweek Music XI: A song for Resurrection week

I generally do not appreciate when hymns are re-worked and the original melodies are adapted or completely changed. Most often the modern adaptations are not the best. Besides, I wouldn’t like it if someone changed the melody to my songs cause they thought it sounds better that way, would you? However….this adapted hymn I’m sharing with you is an exception. The hymn “And… Read More Midweek Music XI: A song for Resurrection week