Art, For the Soul

Midweek Music IX: Three Versions…

…of Vivaldi! Continuing with last week’s trend of the Gloria song, I will share yet another Gloria song. These are three videos of Vivaldi’s Gloria played by a few different orchestras and choirs. It’s interesting to note the different tempos each orchestra uses. Madrid Concert directed by Antonio Fauró I like the huge choir, the peppy orchestra….and the funny… Read More Midweek Music IX: Three Versions…

Bible Journal

Joy Is Better than Fun

People today seem always to be looking for fun or entertainment, but it is significant that “fun” is never mentioned in the Bible, so it is evidently not considered to be a very significant part of the Christian life. The word “entertain” is used to speak of hospitality, and such activities as “play” and “reveling”… Read More Joy Is Better than Fun

Health, Nutrition & Naturals

Comfort Food

  You know those weekends when you’re feeling kind of…meh? It was Saturday. The sky was a blanket of gray. It was chilly and wet outside. I was tired and not feeling 100%. This definitely called for comfort food. Pilaf. My dad makes really delicious pilaf. Warm, savory, flavorful, and dripping with butter. It’s the best… Read More Comfort Food