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Fundamentals…(Part 5) The Nature & Purpose of Sanctification

The nature of sanctification: purity and separation Sanctification comprises of two foundational elements. The first is inner purity. (Psalm 66:18). The second element of sanctification is separation from a worldly entourage and sinful practices. This implies separation from false believers in the church. (1 John 2:15). (2 Timothy 3:5). Separating oneself is not just for the sake… Read More Fundamentals…(Part 5) The Nature & Purpose of Sanctification

For the Mind

Three legendary horses

There’s something special about horses. So will it surprise you to discover that the horse is my favorite animal? I can hear you say: You and everybody else. But what’s not to like about horses? Horses are thrilling, inspiring, majestic, and one of God’s most beautiful animal creatures. So, here are three of my favorite horses.… Read More Three legendary horses

Bible Journal

True Sacrifice

Continuing our short look at Chapter 53 of Isaiah, here is Part 2 of the series. This is the last part. Again, will you take 5 minutes to read 1 page of this summary of Isaiah? Feel free to let me know if it was useful for you! Note: It is best to view the… Read More True Sacrifice