Bible Journal

Something from Spurgeon

I found the following little paragraph by Spurgeon on a blog that weekly posts passages from Spurgeon’s sermons. I thought it is so fitting even today when we see churches mixing worldly lifestyles with “religion” and false spirituality, ecumenism, mysticism, and emerging churches, and postmodernism! Read what Spurgeon says: The devil of five hundred years ago was… Read More Something from Spurgeon

Home Accents

Rustic Roses

Fiddling around with our small digital camera… To capture some rustic roses…   I got some roses from our rose bush, found some twine and a jar, and put them all together…. I’m not a photographer, but sometimes I like trying my hand at it *grin*. My two sisters will soon have their own category… Read More Rustic Roses

My Writing Corner

Quote of the week: The Beautiful Woman

  The Beautiful Woman: The beautiful woman is disciplined, chaste, discreet, deferring, gracious, controlled, “together”. This kind of woman God considers godly, which means she’s got His qualities, and she’s close to His heart.  This is “His kind of woman.”                                                                                 ~Anne Ortulnd